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FPC makes a commitment to God to help others. Whether

through gospel, service, worship or the missions we partake...

we bring God closer to our hearts and closer to the hearts of those around us with sharing the word of our Lord.



Well in Zimbabwe

Paul and Lydia live on the Presbyterian farm in a dirt floor house among the people they serve.  There is no running water for their community.  The well we would provide would be water for all - life for all.  It costs $11,300 for a wet well guarantee that provides the drilling of the well, the pump, solar power to run it, piping, taps - everything to make the well functional and able to keep it working!  Their congregation members will be trained in maintaining the well and be able to help with new wells.

I have often felt that we need to know and see where our mission dollars are going.  When we see and know - we are more likely to give and give more.  As soon as we reach our goal, the well can be drilled and a whole community can have safe water!

The Mission Team and Session have decided to fund a "Well in Zimbabwe". Zimbabwe is a country in Southern Africa which has been plagued with war, corruption, and draught.  From the ashes of despair, the church is rising to meet the needs of the communities. The well would provide water to one of these communities - a new Presbyterian congregation with 64 new members and growing.  The well would be on a Presbyterian farm on the outskirts of Bulayawo, Zimbabwe.

The new congregation has a minister, Paul Neshangwe, appointed by the church 01.01.2021. We heard his wife, Lydia, speak here at First Presbyterian Church two years ago. There was something very alive about how she explained Christ's Mission in her country.  She told of the seven-year drought they were in, about the despair of a country torn by war, greed, and corruption - but she also told how God's plan of reconciliation was healing her country.  Their economic resources don't exist - but they believe God will provide!



 in Zimbabwe

Please make checks payable to...

First Presbyterian Church

(designate extra giving to"The Well for Zimbabwe")

Donations can also be made using PayPal on the

the church's website;

PLEASE, help to bring the Water to Life,

to Baptize this new community into Christ's love.  We can be like John the Baptist, baptizing with water - So that Christ can bring his love to this community!

Submitted by Kirk Hofmeister

Recycling Program


Types of caps that we accept (they MUST BE DRY and CLEAN)

Items in the GREEN

area are acceptable 

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Items in the RED

area are unacceptable 


GUATEMALAN Immersion Trip FAL 2018

In February of 2017, our church generously sponsored a mission “immersion” trip to Guatemala. Seven individuals traveled to Guatemala City where we were the guests of CEDEPCA, the Protestant Center for Pastoral Studies in Central America. We were exposed to the “big picture” of Guatemala through meeting the people and seeing the way they live, work, and worship. We learned of their struggles with the issues of poverty, corruption and violence that cause many to leave their home country and migrate to the United States. Many now live and work in Salem. Our church has welcomed our Guatemalan and Mexican neighbors to events in our church yard and playground and we look forward to establishing deeper relationships in the future.



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