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Image by Gabriel Lamza


Prayer and worship form the basis of First Presbyterian Church of Salem. We offer a range of services and opportunities to participate. Our calendar includes time allotted for prayer, sermons, and personal reflection, as well as guided Bible study.

Click here to watch live at 10:30AM

We continue gathering digitally for worship every Sunday at 10:30AM, in response to continued concerns about the spread of COVID-19. For those who feel most comfortable at a distance, or those who just can't make it, you will continue to be able to view our services on YouTube and Facebook.

Our shared service with the congregation is to keep us connected no matter where we are and remain available in case you miss one. We are proud to have a beautifully blended congregation of children, teens, college students, families and retirees, generations in the making!


As we distance ourselves physically, know we are together spiritually!

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